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Discover great places in your city and support local businesses with the 'Lokalen Lieblinge' gift card

The 'Lokalen Lieblinge' gift card offers over 10,000 highly rated shops, bars, restaurants and more to redeem. It's the perfect instant gift solution for your loved ones that you can easily give. Surprise your friends and family and show them how much you appreciate them. At the same time, support local businesses in your city.

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Make every occasion special with der Lokalen Lieblinge Gutschein - the gift card that lets your loved ones choose from thousands of top-rated businesses across Germany!

Looking for the perfect present? Look no further than der Lokalen Lieblinge Gutschein! This gift card is redeemable at thousands of top-rated businesses all over Germany, so your recipient can choose the perfect store or service for them. From retail to dining to entertainment, Atento Local gutschein has it all. Give the gift of choice and convenience with der Lokalen Lieblinge Gutschein - it's the greatest gift you can give for any occasion.

Frequently asked questions

An Atento gift-card is valid for 3 years from the end of the year it was purchased at.

You can safely and easily pay for your gift card using a credit card or PayPal.

YES!, you can add a personal message as well as an image from a wide selection. You can also manage the time and date you want the gift-card to be sent.

Atento gift-card must be activated for a specific local place. visit the 'my gift-card' link on the navbar with the redemption code of your gift card and follow the instructions.

Depending on the gift-card, each Atento gift-card is allowing its owner to use it in a different set of local spots. For example - the Atento local gift-card can be used in all >10,000 local spots listed on Atento, while the Berlin gift-card is only valid for businesses in Berlin.

The best thing about the Atento gift-card is the fact you leave the choice to the recipient. You can however look for your own favorite place and buy an Atento gift-card with a recommendation to this place.

Atento gift cards can be sent by e-mail, SMS or can be downloaded to a printable PDF version.

In order to allow the best personalization options, and to make each gift card unique, gift cards are created one at a time. However, we provide services for companies to support a bulk order. If you are interested, write us on the chat and we will help you with your order.

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Atento has made it its goal to support local businesses with online gifting services that enable customers to find and purchase gift cards through our easy-to-use platform. Partnering with Atento makes it simple for business owners to offer gift cards without the worry and hassle of managing the process themselves, allowing them to focus on their core activities.
During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Atento provided a lifeline to local businesses by selling over €2 million worth of gift cards on behalf of our merchants and guaranteeing a much-needed revenue stream for those impacted by the pandemic.
Buying a gift card from Atento allows you to contribute to your local economy, support your favorite small businesses and give a wonderful, unique gift to the people you love.
Atento is aiming to be the number one gift card provider for small and medium-sized businesses across Germany and is constantly growing our offer to provide new and exciting products for merchants and customers alike.
Through our constantly growing collaborations with external partners, business owners enjoy maximum visibility and outreach to clients by being listed with atento.